Lee Essex’s paintings make me ponder the nature of perception. Nothing blurs the vision as traveling to far away places. It requires a discerning eye to find its way among the bombardment of the new and unfamiliar, to stay away from the dangers of the anecdote, the foreign, the petty landmark, the exotic. The artists vision is at its best when it is transformational, and this is what is evident here. The motifs are owned, not borrowed or pointed out in haste. It is paradoxical and wonderful that these images furnish for us such a familiar place with such a disparity of elements. It is in this that the effectiveness of the images reside. At the end these images feel like home.
— JJ Robles, Utopia Parkway, NYC
Reds or greens, pinks or indigo, palaces or slums, mystic or sensual, Lee has captured visually the essence of India. It is easy to be enamored by the rich cultural heritage of India and bowled over by its hues. She surrendered to these influences and traditions easily and captured them fabulously in her paintings. Her work is a virtual treat for the eyes.
— Tarun Chopra, photographer & writer
Lee Essex Doyle approaches her work with a sympathetic reverence for “seeing closely” and “looking within.” Her formal mastery of color is astounding. It takes a great artist to tame complimentary hues so each may reveal its true splendor. However it is the underlying gravitas of her work, the profound mysteries it contemplates, which has repeatedly drawn me under its spell so completely. She encapsulates, in watercolors, oils and canvas, the very essence of place, and its attempt to give voice to the Holy.
— Manfred Flynn Kuhnert, Bel Air, CA